Each tag is made by me and my own two hands.
There may be colour variances from the pictures and every tag is unique itself.
All tags are different but I try my best to recreate the same if you ask for a tag you saw on a picture, but they'll never be the same.
bubbles can sometimes appear in the tags, these are not faulty products, they can just naturally form when the tags are drying. 
Don't let your tags in direct sunlight as they'll change or take out the color.
When you want to clean your tag just rinse it out underneath cold water.

always check the ring(s) of your tag before you go, im not responsible for losing tags.


tags may unseal and lose its hardness when:

- in salt water
- when they are being washed in the washing machine
- when in contact with a heated surface. 

we are not responsible for damage caused by yourself or your dog. Never leave your dog alone with a tag especially not when your dog is a chewer.


Order time 
depending on the amount of orders we always try to ship your tag between 2-6 weeks. This time can and might be longer sometimes.